Hello there!

So… I’m entirely too exhausted to tell you everything that went down, but it was tons of fun to be one of the nominees for the 25 Women of Fashion. Olivier Zahm never did succeed in getting me to pose in the bed of the giant (I’ve seriously never seen anything like it) penthouse suite in New York Palace.  I made a lot of new friends who asked me to join them later for their subversive steakhouse after party (certainly to protest sushi).  Alexa made me crack up mocking the love-hate relationship she has with her Chanel bag (fashion, it’s love-hate, it’s got all the emotions in there.  That’s the conclusion I came to at the end of the night with the wonderful Poppy de Villeneuve).  And in the end, I kinda left my camera in some corner.

Fortunately, the MenStyle team was there to take photos!  You will be able to see them soon on their website…  With, as promised, the famous Balmain dress.  Thank you so much Carole!

Big hugs, merci, merci, merci for your adorable comments yesterday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Translation : Tim Sullivan