Since I got to in New York, I’ve been doing everything you’re supposed to. Here, like when I first got here, it was weird to me to go out to breakfast, and now, I love it.  I get manicures every week and I spend hours upon hours on the steps in front of the house.

The NY way of life, it can be happiness itself.  Especially when the weather is beautiful, when a fresh breeze caresses your neck and you grab a frozen fruit juice, the kind you can find on every street corner.  When I have these moments, I can’t help but think that this is truly the most incredible city in the world.

The other day, there I am, back on the steps, computer in my lap, getting some fresh air, working some and doing some people watching.  A beautiful filmesque moment, the kind that happens all the time in NYC.

There I am with a mouthful of frozen apple when I see Little J pass right by.  “Hi J!” I say to her.

And then suddenly I realize…


I don’t know her at all! And besides, that’s not Jenny Humphrey! You’re not living in Gossip Girl! It’s Taylor Momsen, and c’mon goof, this is reality!

I melted all over her anyway to get her photo, teehee.

It’s weird, I feel like right now, at this time of my life, often enough, fiction becomes reality.

Like here, the most incredible thing is happening.  I was elected by MenStyle as one of the 25 Women of Fashion of 2009! And on the list, there are some girls that I just love, but that I’ve never met and I would dream of doing so. Like Chloé Sevigny, or Erin Wasson, or like… Milla Jovovich and a whole bunch more, artists, ladies of style, designers…  Oh la la.

Tonight, party time.  They’re all going to be there, and we’re being photographed by Olivier Zahm (Pray that I won’t be there on all fours, doing a right of passage, pants down, full moon in sight) and welcomed by Kanye West.

Yep, fiction is trying to find me here in reality.  But seriously, I’m so excited ! I’m going to bring my camera, take a deep breath and… Okay, off we go, I’m sure it’ll be great!

Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan