Anouck is a photographer living in New York. She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s out of her mind, she made me drink the most disgusting organic smoothie and I love, love, love her photos.

Here’s a pile of her polaroids.  She’s got tons of them.  They’re everywhere. The gentleman with the glasses, just in the middle there, that’s Werner Schreier, the ideal man back in the 90s. No big thing, but it’s autographed. Hey, you never know…

And here, these are the glasses she wears when she’s shooting as, and I’m quoting here, she can’t see a thing. Like many of the most talented photographers.

Her books. I tried stealing a few photos from her, but it didn’t work out: she was just about to give them to me. She also gave me some chocolate, some advice, and lots of inspiration.

If one day you meet her, make sure you don’t forget to party with the girl. Whatever you do, say no to her smoothies, and instead ask for a soy latte. But in the meantime, go to her blog, her site, and give her a warm hug for me if you happen to cross paths with her in Berlin where she just flew off to, following around and shooting Depeche Mode and M83

Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan