So here’s your summer cocktail : Something short, something loose, something relaxed.

Lots of skin, sensuality, and layering done just right.

I’ve always loved when people play with intimacy.  Under garments peeking through.  The little hint of a black bra under a white shirt.  The slightly oversized t-shirt that opens up in unexpected places.  The flashy strap coming out of a tank-top just to say hello, the little well-placed hole that lets you see a splash of lace, the g-string coming out over the top of low-rise jeans…


…About the g-string.  I think we can all agree on that one, no?  I was just jokin’ with ya.  Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan

*Translator’s note : La Peau Douce (English title: The Soft Skin) was a 1964 film by François Truffaut.