I love sitting on steps and having coffee with her.  I love her short pixie hair, her natural grace, and her good-student side that’s just waiting for an excuse to kid around.

Tracy is Scott’s assistant, and not just by some coincidence.  Before every fashion week, she picks out all her outfits, asks my opinion and shows me her sources of inspiration.  She never ceases to impress me.  First of all, it’s just how much she enjoys doing all this.  And then it’s how her outfits are always just right, well put-together.  And last but not least, I just love how she finds most of her clothes in vintage shops.

And then I love this one thing about her, and it’s harder to put your finger on, it’s that Tracy’s wardrobe is perfect for her age.  It’s so stupid to say that.  I’m the first person who thinks that when it comes to style, the key is to do what you want.  But maybe I bring this up just because it reminds me of… well… it reminds me of me!

I started to wear heels really late, and didn’t quite step into my femininity until not too long ago.  And even if today I get a lot of pleasure out of being put together head-to-toe, and from time to time out doing even myself and buying some luxury item, back when I was 20, I just wanted to be cool.

Cool, cool, cool, fresh and fashionable, all at the same time.  Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Sullivan