Seeing as this week I decided to put red here everyday (don’t ask me why)(I’ll talk to my therapist about it ASAP)(And of course, I’ll tell you all about it) I thought it would be good to finish the week off with a soft touch of red, nice and a clean, peachy keen, and just serene!

And real quick, I’ll tell you that I’m doing quite fine, seeing as I am in New York, where it is pouring rain, and here I am waiting for my flight to Phoenix, Arizona, where the weather is as perfect as can be.

On top of that, and just to celebrate the weather-to-be, I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio sitting here all alone in Terminal 5, and… well… I’m having trouble putting three words together seeing as I can’t hold my liquor at all.

Ah Garance! You’re such a bad example for the kids, no seriously!  Shame on you!

Off we go.  I send you all big hugs and I send you all big hugs! What just happened? Now I’m repeating the same thing twice… just great.  Oh lordy lordy.  I’m better off just waiting for my flight?  Yeah, okay, you’re right.  Alright then, I’ll see you all soon!  I dream of Arizonaaaaaaa!

Translation : Tim Sullivan