I’m the opposite of a hands-on girl.  Changing a lightbulb already takes me at least a year and I’ve had a set of shelves from Ikea that’s been waiting in the middle of the room for a very well meaning soul to come put it up for me.  Oh and I should say, the well meaning soul needs to think ahead and bring a drill over to my house that I will have undoubtedly never asked him to bring, and hey, who knows, this could all happen in 2014 or so, what do you think?

Returning to the subject of the day because yes, there is one indeed.

My subject of the day is that yesterday, I came across this photo (first image, up top) I took in NYC last season (in fashion vocab: an eternity ago), and it made something go off in the do-it-yourself lobe of my brain.

My jacket! The leather one! The slightly bizarre red one (in fashion vocab: completely out of style) I found bargain hunting 3 years ago (in fashion vocab: the last ice age) that I never wore!!!  Mais voilà! I’m gettin’ rid of the sleeves!

And here’s how in no more than THREE MINUTES (because any longer the jacket would have been stuck right there in the middle of the floor with the Ikea shelves) I cut off the sleeves of my vintage jacket  and how I put together my own little it-jacket just for me.

Leather is perfect: if you cut it with scissors, you get a nice unfinished edge, translation into fashion vocab: total designer piece.  A beautiful result, Garance is content with herself, smiles all around.  She passes a fine afternoon alone with her red sleeveless jacket, strutting her stuff down the street.

All that for THREE MINUTES of work.  Now that’s what I call the beginning of a new vocation.  We gotta start a new realty show.  Susan Boyle, beware!

Look out for the next lighting strike of a DIY attack when I make this Chanel t-shirt in TWO MINUTES FLAT.  I don’t know why I like it, but I like it.  Think of it this way:

My mother wore a Chanel t-shirt (with her shoulder pads slid underneath, of course) in the 80s. And I do suspect that she got her Chanels flown in directly from Morocco as some of the logos would fall apart. Back in the day, I used to make fun of her because what the hell, what is this wearing fake stuff with brand names on them?  Especially as it’s already stupid enough to wear real stuff with the name all over it. It’s like you’re saying we got something to prove.  We don’t have anything to prove, no sir-ee!

And then a few years later, Chanel punkifies and gives all of its style-editor friends t-shirts and here I am on a total lust-trip and look out! with no intention of buying, of course, but armed with my fattest tip marker ready to make my own real-fake-real Chanel with a shout out to my mother. And on top of that, it’s just so cool.  And super punk.

You got absolutely nothing of what I just told you?  Karl, I know you got it.  Okay then, Karl, Tweet me a theory of DIY punk ’09 and quick!

Translation : Tim Sullivan