Oh my god! Yes, my god. My ACTUAL god. One of my gods drew me! Well, okay, he drew us.

The Unknown Hipster is a spankin’ new blog done by one of the least unknown hipsters that exists. Go take a look and you’ll recognize him right away. Yeah, really, go ahead, take a quick break and click here. But come back now, let’s not get carried away.

So, you figure out who it is?


Did you see us?

I’m so proud I can’t even tell you. I have made it into the exclusive club of annoying snobs drawn by Delhomme. Even if in his post, he says that I (ok, we) didn’t recognize his genuine style and incredible outfit. And too bad for that, I would have liked to meet him.

But how cool is that?! It’s once again proof that true gods are humble and silent.

The exact opposite of me, of course, who is shouting from the mountain tops that I am, from this point on, officially a snob, who consequently has a new goal in life: get my hands on the original drawing, for which I promise to have a massive framing job (gotta be gold) and will put it in a special room that I’ll have drawn by Rem Koolhaas so that it is a space to meditate on all things post-modern.

I also had the bachelorette party for a certain lovely lady, of which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow if by any chance, I can ever get over my Post-Delhommic-Shock-Disorder (PDSD). I can tell you thought that I’ve already succeeded in getting myself invited to the Delhomme blog launch party.

My god. This constantly changing world never ceases to surprise me. Idols opening blogs… Unknowns bringing crowds to tearsKarl Lagerfeld tweets and I love him even more for it. Honestly, It’s a revolution.

No rush though, the party is in two weeks. In the meantime, I’ve gotta devise a flawless plan to get my hands on that original without paying millions of dollars. Any ideas?

Translation : Tim Sullivan