In Sydney, I was lucky enough to have dinner next to Heidi and Sarah-Jane, the co-creators of the brand Sass & Bide.  It was a big dinner with lots of invitees, lots of courses and lots of wine.  The kind of dinner that you wonder, when you’re in the middle of applying the last coat of mascara in front of the mirror, exactly what awaits you that night

Which is to say, of course, who... I got lucky.

Sass (Sarah-Jane) and Bide (Heidi) are two vibrant woman, funny, and incredibly warm.  In three minutes I was talking about all my we were talking about everything, from fashion to food to love.

I had already strolled around their boutiques quite a bit.  I like their style.  I like the care they take with their shop windows.  In each one, they have one of their “sculptures,” skulls covered in studs and strass.  They are like miniature cabinets of wonders that catch your eye and guide you toward their strange and sensual world of style.

But what got me the most was their friendship.

A few days later, Sass&Bide celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their brand.  Their closest friends all created a piece of art (Heidi and Sarah-Jane’s is in the first photo, and you can see here, the creations of Kate Moss, Rankin, Daisy Lowe…) which was to be sold in an auction for their charitable project, the collective Shine.

Heidi started giving a speech.  Sarah-Jane next to her, smiling.  We all watched them and it got me thinking…

The creation of a project with two people, it’s a dream come true.  All the joys, the break-downs, the hardships.  I’ve always found it wonderful to work with my friends.

My mind wandered off and I thought of them.  I have a few friends with whom I could go to the edge of the world.  Who I could wake up in the middle of the night to console me, and with whom I could be cracking up laughing in even the darkest of moments, with whom I can have the most extravagant parties or we could just find ourselves simply talking.  Those who piss me off but I love them all the same.  Those who I piss off but who love me even so.

It’s always just so good to see, a beautiful friendship.

Translation : Tim Sullivan