I’m on the plane and I have the impression that for a few hours now, we’ve been chasing twilight.  Dusk just keeps on keepin’ on, as if we’ve fooled the sun’s path.  

For my last day in Australia, I wanted to go see Jade again.  I asked her if she wanted to meet up at Tusk, seeing as I am completely capable of falling in love with wallpaper with the colors of the sunset.

That was this morning of this never-ending-day I’m still in the midst of living.  And at whatever hour it was, I arrived in Singapore, and don’t even ask me what day it is because I am so completely lost after my 18th Earl Grey.  Actually though, it’s not half-bad of a sensation.    

I miss Australia already.

The distance is good though.  It gives you the chance to take leave.  Long hours on a plane are like a secret alcove where, all alone, disconnected, you can let realty drift away for a while.  Say goodbye, collect your souvenirs, rewind your emotions, and then curl them up into a tight little ball so that they’ll always be available to you, living right there close to your heart.

Translation : Tim Sullivan