Yesterday, it rained in Sydney, a lively and heavy rain.  It made for grandiose cloudbursts and dazzling sunny spells.

So now you know why I had the sudden urge to take a walk.  I was a little fed up with fashion, so I thought I’d give Paddington a walk around.  I sat down on the banks of a microscopic café and I did some people watching.  And then a heart transplant surgeon came and sat down next to me.  We talked.

He told me he spent a month in Paris a while back, at the Necker Hospital, and he didn’t want to stay any longer.  He found Parisians too arrogant.  That gave me a good laugh.

I finished my coffee and left.  I went to Sass&Bide, I had to break in to Ksubi, and I ran into Emily (first photo) over at Scanlan & Theodore.  I really loved her way of wearing jeans/white t-shirt.  Very simple jeans and the detail of the t-shirt with the asymmetrical sleeves.  And the shoes, of course, from the wonderful Surface to Air.

As I was leaving I realized that I needed to start a blog devoted solely to jeans and white t-shirts.  It’s the ideal outfit idea and there are so many ways to wear it, I said to myself, my eyes lifting toward the sky.

And it’s right then that the rain decided it was time to start falling.  I ran under a porch and right there, I heard someone speaking French.

Linlee is a ray of sunshine and is wearing kangaroo skin jewelry (Yep!)


It was Laura.  I couldn’t get a photo of her but with the downpour, she told me everything.  In the end, it comes down to this: One day, she came to Sydney for a short vacation.  And then she decided to stay.

What’s beautiful about Australia is that it feels like home, and at the same time, the edge of the world.  The distance is like an imperceptible misty veil.  You get this impression of being so far from the piercing sounds of the world but at the same time, so inside it, connected.  That part is particularly intoxicating.

I finished by making my way back to Circular Quay.  After the rain, the clouds attached themselves to the tops of palm trees.  It was grey and blue.  And then suddenly, I lift my face and right in front of me, the most beautiful rainbow I’d ever seen.  It was whole, start to finish, and so big and defined that my lens could not contain it.

Sydney is a city with a heart of gold.  Like its people, it gets embarrassed when the weather gets a little moody, so much so that it feels obliged to give you a rainbow.

Translation : Tim Sullivan