-The Sydneysiders (Yeah!  That’s what you call people from Sydney), bon, the girl Sydneysiders are crazy about heels.  No, but seriously, crazy about ’em.  Oh, yeah, the Parisians?  Mere mortals in this game!  It almost makes me want to go back to flats.  Seriously, I’m irked.

-Okay, enough, I switched to the soy latte.  That sounds healthy, no?  Pfff, I don’t believe it for a second.  It’s entirely too good!  I get the impression that I am going to gain another 200 pounds.  Do something, I beg you.

-Take a good look at these photos.  Are you like me?  Do you feel the ambiant warmth, the light, the desire for a grain of passion, all that?  Bon.  And so okay, Australians, here, as you can see in the photos, (Max, he’s got a pink sweater and he is Australian.  Mais… Est-il libre, Max?  Roooooh, that joke is so inappropriate, Tim, please, don’t even try to translate that.  There are some things that only the little Frenchies will understand.) but they’re not happy at all, no contentment here, nope.  They’re constantly apologizing, all day long they’re like this, “We’re so sorry, it’s freeeeeeeeeeezing.”  No but seriously c’mon.  Children.  A little bit of modesty please.

-Seeing as, well here, brace yourself, it’s the fourth dimension, seeing as this fashion week is presenting the spring/summer collection 2010, so it’s as if we’re battling off the cold January winds.

– So the question becomes : in 2010, are we going to bring out our bathing suits at the beach to do a little tanning?  Alors?  Alors?  

-Cafés here are a little like cafés in New York.  Beautiful places, well-lighted with a lot of warmth, a place where you can lose a few hours reading a paperback.  If I had time, I can’t even tell you how good that would be.

-Life goal of the week?  Go back to Bondi Beach and see some surfers.  Ouais, and see some kangaroos, that’s settled.  I’m going to listen to you all and go take a trip to the zoo.

-At Tusk, in Melbourne, I ate the greatest coconut calamari of my life.  And they had the most sublime wall hanging of a sunset.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  Merde.  Gotta go back, no choice.  

– Don’t you go thinking that Australians wear tons of color.  Not at all!  I’m giving you a completely distorted image of reality (But I like it!) : they love black, and the stores are full of it.  But from time to time, you find some beautiful exceptions…  Like Linlee here above who loves a little chaos : the vintage Alaïa, the double expressos, and then putting a whole bunch of colors in her hair.  

Allez off we go, I’m heading out.  It’s time for my soy latte.  (NoooOOOoon Garance!!! Don’t do it!  Please noooOOOoon don’t fall into the trap of the evil soy latteEEEeeeee!!!) Big hugs to you all!

Translation : Tim Sullivan