Sydney is a radiant city and I think I’m falling head-over-heels in love.  I’ll have to send myself into the streets, attach myself for a second to their rhythm, so light and supple, and get lost in the contemplation of a sunset + beach + surf + palm trees, just to give you a little taste of what I’m seeing.

In the meantime, and just because that indeed wasn’t enough, here’s me being blown away by the quality of their fashion week.

Okay, so we’re on Circular Quay, with the Opera House right in front of us, and we could definitely spend a whole day here guzzling down a bottle of white wine, hanging out on the giant couches.  But yeah, who cares about any of that?  (Hmmm… that’s just like me, eh?)  What’s most important is that we make our way into a show and that we get to see some true clothes, worn well with some good ideas, and a general impression of true quality.  I really am so impressed!

And for me, who had quite the broken heart at not being able to go to the Festival de la mode in Hyères (Okay now, how was it?), I am delighted to find again an atmosphere that I’ve always loved over there : you take your time, you meet with others, you converse, you share…


No seriously like what?  I’m so boring when I talk about stuff I love!  Help!

Okay, here but wait, I have one complaint.  Australia is wonderful, all that.  But s’il vous plaît, would someone please like to tell me where I could find a kangaroo?

Translation : Tim Sullivan