Australia, such an amazing trip!  I really get the impression I’m walking upside down.  It’s autumn here, you know?  Like starting a cycle again that has already finished.  And then there’s this incredible jet-lag, and the trip itself, so far, so long, and as much as we try to always stay connected, we have to leave a little of ourselves in the air.  In the end, really, it does us some good.

I left on Tuesday, landed on Thursday, and then gave myself a couple more days to find my bearings, eyes wide open to everything going on around me.  The streets of Melbourne, straight out of a film, the old cars that make you forget what time period you’re in.  The sleepless nights, touching base and reconnecting with everyone listening to the wind in the trees.  And the outfits…  A city center with no Zara, no H&M.  And tons of designers I’ve never heard of.

Like Willow, for example (above photo) or like Jade (first photo), the designer for  Arnsdorf, whom I met this weekend.

Jade struck with me with her totally relaxed way she talked to me about her work.  Merde, so young, with her own brand, soon to be sold all the way in Europe and her own shows… How do you do it?  With all this going on, you can still stay so chill?”

…Yes.  Why?

I have a weakness for this smiling simplicity.  I think I have a weakness for Australia in general.

Yesterday, we got into Sydney.  Endless sunshine, the precious beauty of the city, of the vegetation.  The majestic opera on the waterfront, just in front of me now as I write to you, (but seriously, it’s beautiful!), the blond surfers, and the incredible warmth in the faces of everyone you meet.  The exotic birds.  The boats.  It was so beautiful we were forced to down a bottle of white just to celebrate.  What?  I haven’t talked to you about Australian wine yet?

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and for all of your great ideas.  I have so many things to show you and so many stories to tell you that today, I really just didn’t know where to start, so I started simple.

Or how do they say it here?  Easy?  Hmmm…..

All right!  I’ll see you tomorrow!

Translation : Tim Sullivan