Okay, so the skies of Paris decided I needed to regret every time I left the house in a springy outfit, the rain decided to test my nerves a bit, and so screw ’em: I got my winter clothes back out.

As the essentials are not around, I concentrate on the accessories.

… The shoes!!!

It’s the only thing that gets me through the day right now.  I do the same thing Julia and Vanessa do here.  I slip on something black… Often my Mango jumpsuit, if you’d like to know… My jumpsuit that I just won’t ever take off seeing as it fixes any and all miss-matches, and even if it worries me a little, will I spend the rest of my life in a combi as it’s just so comfortable, it’s just so classy, it’s just so easy to wear, and it just makes me so pretty?

Okay, I got a little sidetracked just there… I slip on something black and pair of heels that stand out.

What?  Mais bien sûr the color of nude and natural leather stand out.

Okay, and now, you’re going to ask me THE question.  I know it.  You’re going to ask it… Okay, go ahead, Just ask it!

THE question: So what do you do when it rains all over your beautiful stand-out nude shoes?

Hmmmm.  Okay.

I RUIN THEM.  Yeah, so I ruined my favorite pair of Célines.  But seriously, stupid stuff.  Now I know: I am not waterproof.  Nothing I have can survive in the rain.  Neither my hair nor my smokey eyes, and definitely not my shoes.  And then again, not my smokey eyes when I am mourning my shoes.

So it’s settled.  I’m not leaving until I see a endless big blue sky.  Got that, Paris sky?

Translation : Tim Sullivan