There are certain details that transcend simple fashion. The tendency, and I don’t know what you think about this, but it often startles me. Each piece of clothing tells a precise story, comprehensible, legible by people like me.

Isabel Marant, there. I adore her. But when I wear Marant, and I stroll through the Marais, I cross paths with girls who, through their clothing, are telling the same story as I am, as Isabel. Whether I wear Margiela, Saint Laurent, or Zara inspired by….I always have a show, history, sometimes even a price in mind.

Then there are magazines which have taught us to classify and categorize : sport-chic, bohemian, rock, 80’s…

I don’t mind it, most of the time. There are always ways for me to assemble, wear, mix, and customize my clothing. And, then, I’m an ultra-willing victim!

But I often tell myself that I’d love to have more objects that belong just to me. Things that simply tell my story. That uncover a mystery, answer a question. Things that don’t have a fashion-controlled origin. For example, a necklace like the one belonging to Laura.

Okay, enough schooling for one day, you may now go enjoy your weekend! Bisous, have a wonderful day!

Translation : Maya-Catherine Popa