Belt inspired by an Alexander MCQueen, Tee Shirt by Katharine Hamnett.

“Seriously, Garance? You’ve never been to Régiiiine ? WHAT! Get in the cab, now, GO.”

You have before you a real party girl. Correction: an ex-real party girl. There was a time when I was fearless. I’d stand on the tables, dance through the night, travel miles just to get to a party, and end my weekends planning the next one. I had night friends, bizarre and fascinating people I’d never see in daylight.

“No!!! I’ve been telling you for the past two hours, I never go out!”

Then, one day, the night lost its appeal. Instead of seeing it as a land of liberty, of delight in new encounters, I simply got bored. It’s lame being lame. All of a sudden, I stopped going out. I still continued partying with friends and improvising parties. But little by little, I became a total stranger to the night world.

“Well, then, all the more reason to go! Taxiiii !”

So, we get there, looking seriously classy despite of the lack of pumps we all had to change out of because of the rain. Jarvis Cocker is djing, and apparently it’s great when he does. Yeah, I don’t know…I told you I never go out !!!!

“What are you drinking?”

Oh, shit. I’m in a club and I don’t even know what to drink.

“I don’t know, what are you drinking?”

The ancestral technique of returning the question, don’t tell me you’ve never done that.


Wow, the club already has a pronounced revival vibe, but even the 80s drinks are back.

“Vodka-tonic for me too, please.”

When you’re going to immerse yourself in an atmosphere, it’s best to do so fully. I grabbed my drink and made my way towards the dance floor.

“Woah. Wait, what is this chaos?”

On the stage, on the floor, all around me people dancing and enjoying themselves. They’re beautiful! They’re cool! They’re great dancers! They’re…They’re….They’re…YOUNG!!!!!

“Umm. Girls, what’s our deal, are we shooting an episode of Gossip Girl here, or what?”

“I’m teasing. I dance a bit, I’m offered more drinks. Jarvis is cute with his hair covering his eyes. 90% of the boys in the room have exactly the same haircut. The girls are far more creative. They have a variety of super looks, they dance like crazy and help me discover this little crisp world. But nothing to it, I’m not there.

“Ughh. It’s just Saturday, that’s all. We should never go out on Saturdays. We’re dumb too. It’s Easter weekend, no less. No one’s here. Come on, let’s relocate to Moune !”


I don’t know. I feel like going home. And I have no existential conflict with it. Just the desire to sleep, lame, right? And I don’t think it has anything to do with it being Saturday night, or with the place, or even with the age average of the people there. And it has even less to do with my friends who are simply awesome. Clubs are just no longer me. I’ve probably exhausted my going-out account.

“Uh, no. I’m going. But promise me to do this again soon! And next time, look me deep in the eyes girls, I’m going to hit the dance floor till sunrise!!!”

They laugh and make fun of me rolling their eyes.

What? I won’t do it? Never say never.

Translation : Maya-Catherine Popa