Five ultra girly things I did this week:

+ Went to go get some flats as I knew I would be walking around all day, cracked and bought a pair of stilettos. I then walked around in them all day.  Night rolls around and you could’ve given me some Uggs still would have been kissing your feet.

+ Ordered steamed salmon and a coffee at a restaurant and then proceeded to eat half a jar of nutella when I got home.

+ Decided it was spring already, put on a light little skirt and took myself for a walk. It was not at all the springtime I was expecting. You guys have any Kleenex? Something for a red nose? Watery eyes?

+ Wanted to paint my nails coral to celebrate spring’s arrival with my feet, even if I still had my winter shoes on. The beautician promised me that thanks to their magic little machine, they’d be dry in 20 minutes flat, that I could put my shoes right back on without smudging the polish. She lied.

+ I have officially put a restraining order on myself. I must at all times keep a 20 foot perimeter between me and a bag that Sofia Coppola did for Louis Vuitton because of the risk of potential irresistibility. I passed by Louis Vuitton and I just couldn’t do it. I asked to see one a little closer. The blue one, thank you. Yes, in suede. More than $3,000. So now I’ve expanded the red zone to four acres.

Naaaan. TopShop doesn’t count. That was last Saturday. Okay, I’ll let you go and I’m off to rehab.

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan