Mira’s style goes with her imagination.  While I’m busy spending my time trying to find my fashion identity, looking to define what’s me, what works well, what doesn’t, what flatters, what fails, and figuring out how I am going to be able to budget in these studded Alaïa ankle boots, while I’m doing all that, Mira is reinventing herself every day.

And everyday you see only her.

When I think of women with a style that has left its mark on me, like Lauren Hutton, Lauren Bacall or even more recently, someone like Giovanna Battaglia, it’s not the clothes themselves that draw me to them.

It’s the way of experiencing life.  To find their comfort in being, whether it be in high heels or in a pair of derbies, with a small clutch bag or a giant tote.  But it’s definitely a posture, a smile, a look, a way of having their hands in their pockets, an allure that says that they is completely there, in all their glory and their contradictions.  And that they is totally themselves and no one else.

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan