I developed somewhat of an obsession this winter.  I wanted a coat, a soft coat, made out of a good fabric, cinched with a belt, maybe a little like a bathrobe.

Saturday, I get to my mother’s house, big hugs for everyone, up the stairs and I put all my stuff in my room.  I throw open the shutters and take in the perfume of the Maquis outside, deep breath. It’s so good, makes me want a cigarette.  So to get my mind onto other things, I turn my attention toward the wardrobe.  And right there, right in front of my eyes, a Max Mara bathrobe-coat.

1.  I think my mother reads my blog.

2.  How did I forget about this coat here!?

3.  A present!

I try it on and oh man is it good.  Beige, incredibly soft, the slight sheerness that only comes with time, this coat must have a lot of stories to tell.  And then I look down, and suddenly realize, this thing is entirely too long!!!   All the way down to my ankles?  What’s that?  Hmmm.  Weird.  Don’t know if I like it so much.  I could cut it maybe?

Okay, fast forward, Tuesday, a big hug to my mother, I tell her that I think that for the past ten years, she has brought out some sort of beautiful piece from the far reaches of a former wardrobe and she says, “Mais bien-sûr! Who do you think I am!?”

I get back to Paris and uh oh, how weird is this, it’s cold!   And then uh oh, how weird is this, I get the urge to put my new coat on.  I get it out, look at it, put it on, take a turn or two in front of the mirror and I say, yeah, okay, so it’s long. It’s gotta be somewhere between way out-dated and far from practical… somewhere in there.  But hey, even so, I like it. Hmmm.  Wait wait wait….  What will all the people think (whoever they are) if they see me all out-dated walking all over my coat on on the steps in the metro?

And then here she comes, the swashbuckling rebellista in me (yeah… okay… whatever!).  She looks at me in the mirror and she says, “If you think this coat is super cool, own it.  You go make it super cool. Okay?  You get control, not anyone else.  I mean, c’mon, who do you think we are!?  Just grab your bag and off you go.”

Bon, so I have no idea if this coat is super cool and I’m sure people saw me stepping on it a few times in the metro, and I don’t know if this length is very 2009, nor 2010 for that matter… or 2011. But this is how it was made and this is how it will stay.  It’d be too sad to cut it.

Who knows, this could be all the rage, lengthy coats, come 2034, and I’ll be thrilled when I get to secretly hang it in plain sight in the eventual wardrobe of my eventual daughter… Hey, who knows?

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan