You have to see the look on my mother’s face when I open the chest of old family photos.  She’ll do what she calls, “sealing the premisses” and not a single picture will be allowed to leave the house.  The place gets more protected than a Balenciaga runway show.  Maybe it’s because over the years, while I was making inspiration boards with my mother’s and grandmother’s old outfits, putting every photo where they wore a nice little something or other.  The thing is, I might have, just maybe, well.. lost a few… and just maybe some of the best ones.

No worries.  There are still plenty left for every visit to the family house.  I’ve found myself here for a brief pause.

My mother in the 70s.  That little peaking head the bottom, that’s me!

Ha, umm… So I didn’t tell you, and really, it wasn’t at all planned.  Friday, I suddenly had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to go give hugs to my family and eat some sea urchins.  I jumped in a plane and a few hours later, touched down in Corsica.

Over two cups of tea and 37 white wine canistrellis, my sisters, my mother and I all opened up together the box of treasures.  You could definitely say that in this family, we definitely have some love for sailor outfits.  I gotta believe it was my papa who started that trend. Ahaha.

You could definitely also say that summer time in the 70s meant it was okay to wear nothing at all.  Just a towel, mom, really?  And then even from time to time, apparently it was okay to really wear nothing at all, but perhaps we’ll keep those to ourselves.

And then I heard for the 678th time that back in the day, my grandmother was, “the most beautiful woman in Ajaccio.”  Your grandma was too, no?  The important part here is to put together your own personal family myth, at least I think so.

Ouais, family albums.  Always great, always full of laughter and warmth.  But hold onto those old photos and don’t go losing them as I did.  Serious though, heed that warning.

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan