And in the end it’s just like everything else.  You love love love love it, and then you’re happy it’s over.  End of fashion week!  Euh…. Vive la fashion week!

And because right now is not, no i mean like definitely not, the time for putting together balance sheets and everything but really more of a go-and-sleep-for-44-hours kind of thing, and then crack into some carrots to get some color back, doesn’t really matter what color, any color will do, even blue, but you gotta get some color back, but because of all that, I’ll give you a little extract of my exchange with Alexa Chung, a girl who decidedly and completely cracks me up.

“Oh hey hi!  How are you?  A picture, mais oui, oh mais wait wait wait!!!  Let me get my funny glasses!”

Ouais, Alexa, she’s into adding a little something funny into her outfits.  And even if she forgot her skirt at home, her hair is all ruffled, and is rather Louis Vuittsponsored,   and because she forgot her skirt at home and because her hair is all ruffled up, and because she is rather Louis Vuittsponsored, I find her just amazing.

It’s that at the same time, her Vuitton sandals seem to be written about everywhere and everywhere are breaking budgets, they still remain never the less, completely stunning and spectacular.  And no one can really copy them because they’re just that exceptional.  And they’ll always remind me of last season’s Vuitton show that I absolutely, like a kid in a candy store, just loved.

One of the girls I most like seeing these shoes on is definitely Alexa.

Voilà, after a few weeks of fashion colonized by very serious looking heels and by an almost gothic S&Mish black, I’m liking girls who have a little fun with style and wear little funny details, always staying cool, class, and coolass.

And of course to bring this fashion week to a close and because I can never get enough of her, the queen of the funny detail, the queen of the improbable yet successful melange, the queen of good-humor, the queen of American adolescents (Gloria is the fashion director over at TeenVogue) and of French adults (well, me, at least) and the queen of this blog with at least one appearance every week for more than a month, it’s my dear dear Gloria.

Et voilà!  Au revoir fashion week.  Au revoir sleepless nights.  Au revoir plumes et dentelles.  Au revoir white chocolate Oreos at two a.m. in front of my computer screen.  Au revoir Gloria.  Au revoir Tuileries gardens, Louvre, and the Couvent des Cordeliers…  Hello, reality?  Yeah, Hey!  It’s Garance, what’s up?  I’ve missed you.  Tell me, wanna hang out for a bit?

Gros bisous, bonne journée !

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan