To return to a concept, mentioned right here no later than yesterday, an ever present concept in this living, breathing, palpitating moment that is f_sh_n w__k, a living, breathing, palpating moment that is in its final day and I can’t even say the word f_a__i_n as it gives me palpatations, and honestly, I no longer can understand why I see girls running around in platforms all the day long, it sends me into the flames of reflection.

But where are all these girls off to, huh?  Where Garance, where?!?!?  Oh my.

Okay.  To return to a concept mentioned right here no later than yesterday, right now, I speak in Franglish je shoppe à mort dans mon closet.  And even, at times, in my boyfriend’s closet, asking him to grab me the most oversized worn-out stuff he can find.

The worn-out boyfriend jean.  Yep.  That’s it.  That does it for me.

They’re good.  They’re good lookin’, too good lookin’ even.  They make all girls cool and sexy.  Yeah so in a word, they’re sublime.  On top of all that, they’re comfortable.

Comfort.  Voilà.  Herein lies my problem.

So spending most of my time away from the apartment, always eating whatever and wherever between two shows (yeah, okay, i get the feeling you know where i’m going) and always comfortable in my boyfriend jeans, my boyfriend pants, and all the things that make life cool, class, and coolass, i’m wondering if ever a day will come when I can go back to squeezing into these:

And here we have a wonderful pair of jeans, slim AND worn-out.  I’ve seen a few of these around, tailored short with pumps like back in the 80s, and honestly, they’re making me a little jealous.  So today, picture this, here’s me in front of my mirror, we’re talking à la Rocky III, here I am declaring that this weekend marks the beginning of my fa__i_n rehab.  We’ll start Friday with a massage, you always have to save the best for the beginning, (and by the way, if you know a good massage place in Paris, tell me!).  And then we’ll need some raw vegetables and raw egg-whites…. and then we’ll be wearing some sneakers WITHOUT heels, and we’ll make our way up the steps to the Sacré Coeur, running early in the morning and screaming out Adrieeeeeeeen!!!

So before I head off to my jump-rope and finish jumping around this rather non-thesis driven post, well, i guess it’s just as usual, where the whole point is, in it of itself, to talk about myself, but I did want to give you to notice something.  See this jacket just above?  It’s the same coat as mine!!!  Okay here, this jacket used to be a coat from Zara, and I have the same one in my closet.  Susan had the magnificent idea of cutting it.  And now it’s this double-breasted oversized absolutely wonderful jacket.

So there you go, just a quick idea for shopping your closet in passing, because if you’re going to push these concepts with all you got, you gotta walk the walk some too, no?  Okay, so it definitely wasn’t me that came up with it, but still…

Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan