Warning, super dangerous trend ahead.  The day I started wearing pleated pants rolled up with a pair of heels was the end of my fashion independence.  

Okay, okay.  I’m exaggerating.  But for me, as soon as I slip on a pair of men’s pants or I steal my man’s shirt, I feel 100% pure cool, like Lauren Hutton Version 2.0, two-thousand-ninin’ it up and then some.

Mais bon.  Comfort, it’s like all newly coined words, terribly addictive.  Try walking around in some skinny jeans after these, you get the impression that you’re more constricted than Vic Beckham’s bosom, a true nightmare.  And with skirts, you’ll even forget what to call them.  What?  What’s this thing?  Something that when you wear it, you can’t sit-down the way you want to?  And what are those?  Tights?  These things that pinch tight at the waist?  Pffff.

Voilà this is how, after a sensational year of men’s pants, I find my closet filled with three shelves full of 12,435 pairs of pants… and 3 skirts.

I smack myself to find some balance again, because at times, it’s good to be half-naked show that you’re a woman, a true woman.  But these days, when I pass by a girl, a really cool girl, walking all cool next to me, in her cool men’s pants, and on top of that they’re leather – oui, I’ll repeat, a grey leather like a big oh mon dieu!  oh mon dieu!  like with Elinor up above, et bien, I’m just jealous.

Today then, I was wearing a skirt, and I was jealous.  I saw all the girls pass by in their skinnies, and in Balmain (no but seriously, it’s an epidemic right now)  I see Balmain jackets EVERYWHERE!  That, and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, and only in black, that should give you a good picture in 2 seconds of the look of all the editorial staffs… I still don’t know what I think of it, if I like all that or not… At a show today, someone came in and couldn’t get her shoulders squeezed into the front row…).  So, in short, sorry no pictures of the Balmain jackets.  We’ll perhaps take a look at it later.  Me, I’ve got no choice.

But the worst of it is, ALL the guys’ stuff is doing this to me : shirts, scarves, jackets, belts…

Everything, except shoes.

Bon allez, I’m going to meditate on all this.  In the meantime, today, pants and heels.  Has a nice ring to it, no?

But really, it’s because they’re made to be together!


Voilà, otherwise, for those of you want to know some super incredible things on my mind-blowing life and my Mémé Nathalie, the Libération article is here, tip to Masha, merci.  And thank you for all your comments.  I was really happy to be in the Libération and to make my sister want to cover up the windows of her car.  Seriously though, that means something…

And I’ll also point out to you this article that came out in the Metro, worldwide, oh yeah.  Like Caro was asking me yesterday, how you doing?  Not too overwhelmed with all this?  Okay, honestly, yeah sometimes.  I tried get someone to buy me a coffee yesterday morning by putting the picture in the Libération right next to my face (and I was even in a skirt, if you follow.) but it didn’t work.  Bah.  The times are a changin’.  Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan