This Monday morning, you’re finding yourself a completely blissed-out Garance.  Wouhou!  Vive Milan!  Vive la mode!!! Ciao bella!  E pericoloso sporgersi!!  Dove la sfilata?!

Ouais.  So I’ve been a little mainstream.  I treated myself to the Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Marni, and Prada shows.  Jil Sander?  I dunno.  I’m totally into everything.  Nothing is boring me.  I promise you that in the seasons to come, I’ll try to take a closer look into London’s up and coming designers.  But for now, I must confess that here in Milan, the fashion is really doing it for me.  It’s inspiring.  It touches.

And just with the general public, I get the sense that people are just now starting to party again.  It’s like the energy is on its way back.  I’m always wanting to photograph a whole bunch of people, be in two places at once.  My Italian is terrible.  I’m having a great time.  I’m going a little headless chicken, running in every direction.  I’m taking taxis that are entirely too expensive and I’m breaking my face open in my heels that are entirely too high.

It’s nice out.  It’s hot out.  Then it rains.  It drizzles.  Who gives a shit?  The energy is there.

I’ve got a whole bunch of colory stuff to show you, but I wanted to start with THE trend of the season of the fashion crowd, the monochrome, the ever-present black, a deep dark sense of color, because everyone is wearing it.  In general, for photos, that doesn’t quite inspire me.  Unless its as well done as this…

Quick aside.  These heels are absolutely sublime.  They deserve an ellipse in it of themselves.  

Voilà voilà mes chéris, nothing more.  Except I’m having a premonition of things to come, of the days steadily getting longer and for Paris who is fast approaching.  That style, true style, the kind that you want to find again during the fashion weeks, the kind that is just too much, too much luxury, too high-end, too trendy, too black, and entirely too cool, is on its way back.  And it kinda snuck up on me… But I’ve been missing it a little.  Haven’t you?

Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan