Tadaaaaa!  I am officially supercalifragilistically excited to present my photos du jour.  I love these three looks.  I’d even bust out the projector and make like in school, pointer and all, and I’d show you all exactly what I like, why I like it, how I will adapt it to suit my needs, etc.  And then I’d give a big round of applause to Susie, Joanna and Lauren, my guest-stars du jour.

Actually, I don’t know what’s stopping me.  Allez les enfants, I’ll put my glasses on and we’ll get started…

I love Susie‘s outfit because:

I love jogging pants worn with heals.  I love the little vinyl jacket.  Susie, give me your hair or I’m going to have to pick up a straight iron to work with mine.  I love giant scarves.  …And oversized t-shirts, and all this is just the tip of the ice-berg, but you get what I’m saying.

I’m flipped-out crazy about Joanna’s outfit because:

I love sneaker-heels.  And to wedge-heels, I’m declaring war even if my Mom would be rolling her eyes at this (“My girl, you have once again gone out of your head.”).  I love the creative layering with the lengths that catch you off guard.  I LOVE THE THREE QUARTER SLEEVES just give me some scissors right now and I’m making some out of all my coats.

Je suis tombée amoureuse with Lauren’s ensemble because:

I wear striped sleeves under everything and I want to wear them under anything and everything, especially under a sublime dress.  I want a sublime dress.  I want to put studded golden bands on all my coats, the ones I have already first cut the sleeves off.  Oui voilà, we’ll talk about this in our lab-work class, mmmk?

I’m just loving your outfits girls because I’ve got a thing for color.  I’ve got a thing for yellow anise, if if only really exists on your computer, and you’re telling me it’s bright yellow, lime, lemon, anise, yellow or even bordeaux if you’re my friend Anya (“Anya, you have once again gone out of your head!”) you’ve been working for three months on a screen that, well, we’ll just say it has a few loose screws.

In any case, for my own benefit, I’m taking note of all these ideas, more zesty color.  To celebrate, I promise you I’m getting myself some gelato al limone today because even if you can’t see it in these New Yorker shots, I am bel et bien in Milan and in Milan, you just gotta have gelato al limone.

How is it that I’m always trying to find reasons to stuff my face?

Silence, I will remind you that we are in the middle of our course on fashionistic inspiration 101… and that… Oh!  Where do you think you’re going?  Wait, no, come back!!!  What?  Saved by the bell?  Hmmm.  Bon.  Okay.


Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan