Quick run down in 20 points of my London Fashion Week :

1.  Cupcake and champagne sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble.

2.  I want to be a red-head.

3.  I’m having some trouble understanding English fashion.  It concerns me.  It’s a little too much… Not enough… Hmmm.  I go in for a closer look, I get curious…. I get more curious.  And then I go to the Paul Smith show who is neither the king of experimental nor of the fashion-forward, and have a blast and it gives me 200 ideas.

4.  I dare not say it, but I have the impression that I’m not quite getting all-things-fashion.

5.  People are indeed wearing a lot of black right now.  And from time to time, it’s really quite beautiful.

6.  I’m taking a closer look at the Christopher Kane show, and in the end I’m finding it pretty darn cool.

7.  Where is the retail store of Alaïa in Paris?  Why was it an English woman who had to tell me of its existence?  You’re not hearing me, but for crying out loud I’ve got my arms flailing out in all directions.  Dammit.  I’m never on top of the cool stuff.

8.  I’m going to Dover Street Market to touch me some Christopher Kane.  Ah, ouais.  Ouais, ouais!!!

9.  Why is it that every well dressed woman wears Vivienne Westwood, and when I go into the boutique, everything strikes me as old-pirate-in-distress.

10.  People wear a lot of black and sometimes, it’s cheery.

11.  It’s no use, I am no party girl.  When I party, I party too hard, but most of the time, I come back home early and make myself a rum toddy.  Oh yeah, am I cool or what?

12.  I want to learn how to do up my hair in a whole bunch of different ways.  I want to be able to stylize my own hair.

13.  Suzy Menkes is the most incredible person for her passion for fashion and her passion for her job.  Suzy Menkes is amazing and will work on her laptop between shows, in her car, on the steps of a building… in the middle of the street.  I wanted to sit next to her and bathe in the sun of her science, but i wouldn’t dare.

14.  My credit card doesn’t work at Urban Outfitters.  Everywhere else, yes.  But not at Urban Outfitters.

15.  I’m having lunch with Yasmin and she says to me that she is no party girl.  Suddenly, I feel a lot cooler with my rum toddy.

16.  I run into Vanessa at Dover Street Market in a room full of the most sublime shoes, each pair more so than the one before, and she is holding on tight to a gorgeous vase from the 30’s.    It’s enough to make you want to buy some furniture.  Then I think back to my apartment and I’ll raincheck the idea for now.

17.  Today, I’m on my way to LIberty.  And to V&A.  And to Urban Outfitters.  Yep, bringing some cash.  And I’m going to Twenty8Twelve.  I’m going to Feathers.  On my way to Topshop.  I’m heading over to…  Wait, no…  Today, I’m leaving.  Crap.

18.  People wear a lot of black.  This bugs the hell out of me.  But often enough, my camera makes a stand, and I’m totally in.

19.  I’m wanting some lace.   I see some in the Dover Street basement.  I swoon, look at the price, and quickly faint.  950£. Crap!

20.  This is going to be the last fur-hat post of the year on this blog.  Fur-hat, I love you, but i mean c’mon with this cold.  Allez.  Goodbye Winter!  Goodbye Cupcakes!  Goodbye London!

Buongiorno, Milano!

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan