Above all else, what I love is change.  And what’s happening right now in fashion is rather fascinating from that perspective.

Saturday, first day of London’s fashion week, a friend of mine decides to have a little fun for herself and puts on her brand new Vuittons that she has yet to ever wear.  These shoes are sublime.  Their beauty just brings out emotion, and the entire fashion crowd has its eyes fixed on her feet.

I told you about how in New York, it felt like it-bags, it-shoes were out, that the new trend was a cooler look, greys, blacks, that sort of thing, fashion stopped trying to trick me.  I watched it all with curiosity.  A little sadness too, as I love the theatricalness of fashion, I love it all the way to its extremes.  But also I felt at ease, as the last few years have pushed the exaggeration thing a bit too far.

So then Sunday morning, I leave for London and I open The Daily, a little newspaper that comes out every day during fashion week and sums up all the weeks events, all the ebb and flow of the fashion world.

Inside, a report on famous shoes.  I’ll give you a quick rundown.  It was saying that after some point, it’s an error, “utterly wrong,” almost implying that it’s criminal, to wear shoes from the period you live in, that right now, the best is no-heels, jeans, Converse and a parka.  The were calling this, “the new humility.”

I was outta my head.  What is this hypocrisy?  This sudden turn around?  Over exaggerate?  Any of this make sense to you?

For me, I love when fashion changes, when you try to balance everything out a bit, when someone says stop the shopping frenzy, when you resort to your antiques from six months ago.  Why not, if it gives you a certain feeling?  …if it breaks the rhythm of in-today out-tomorrow trends, the same cheap imitations, and the same looks copied from here into infinity.

Otherwise, if you are wondering why I’m giving you a special flash of Erin O’Connor today, of course it’s because this girl, on top of being sublime and incredibly funny, she brings together everything I’ve been wanting to see more of in the months to come.  A style outside of given fashion, without identifiable trends, no recognizable brands, lots of energy, mixing it up, colors…. Simple and all her own.

But if tomorrow, she gets the urge to wear unaffordable shoes, breathtaking heals, and an outrageous outfit, just to be on top of the crest when it comes to trendy and to send Victoria Beckham into a vicious rage (while we are here, Becks is trying to redeem her fashion credibility by wearing TWICE the same bag.  Oh yes… But seriously, times are changing, the “new humility” is coming down hard)… Well then, I’ll be her first admirer, the first to to applaud her for it.  I’m all about the simplicity, but I’m also totally into excess.  There’s a certain beauty in both.

But to cultivate humility is tantamount to cultivating hypocrisy.  A humble person is not himself conscious of his humility.  Wasn’t me who said that, ’twas Gandhi.

Aha!  I warned you that today we were going to philosophize and anti-trend about like a group of crazies.  Ha!  Bonne journée!

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan