London!  I write to you under layers of covers in bed, a double espresso (you gotta say it : duhbull expwesso) in hand and a blissful smile on my lips.  Is it the time difference, the slight dizziness o have only spent a few tiny hours in Paris, or the joy to the point of hysteria at having found my friends once again?  I dunno.  Well, okay, yes, I know.  It’s all of it, and it’s definitely finding myself once again in this lively and cheery atmosphere that I loved last season.

It never stops, I’m zonked.  This girl is tired.  I even had to say no to a party on a roof, a party in a pub and a party in a… well, I had to say non to a million and half invites we received and to a million and a half cheerful faces who all said : out of the question that you’re not coming.

I think for tonight I’ll have to say no to a heart stopping super mega fashion debate that I wanted to raise up as the only thing I’ll be able to raise up tonight will be my hand to close the curtains and turn off the light.  Politics of style…  A townhall on how to dress… Today?  Nope, you get the story of my life.

I packed a much better suit case thanks to your advice, merci merci merci.  I bought my DKNYs and haven’t taken them off since.  I’m working on a pink chocolate Barbie given out at one of the shows.  The goody bags are really random.  Today at the Eley Kishimoto show, an Eastpack pencil case, for example.  Frankly, I don’t see the connection.  But okay.  I saw the most beautiful older woman in the entire world.  Her name is Carmen de Orifice (She’s also the only woman in the entire world who could pull off a name like that, I’ll give you that) and my new goal in life is to take her picture.  Oh and also, I’m in love.  Frankly, I don’t see the connection.  But okay.

Okay okay, I admit it.  I can’t stop myself.  I’m digging up a trend.

Look out here my friends, something’s going down.  Nelli Rody is going to cry in her fashion trend notebooks.  Anna Wintour is going to beg me to work with her.  You seeing my trend here?  Look at these three photos, and no, I’m not drunk.  Just a little zonked.  I love writing when I’m like this.  And I never reread anything I write.  So be it.

Answer: my trend of the day is an anti-trend!!!  Nothing to it : checkers and stripes.  Voilà.  That does it for you, no?  It’s so great, SO GREAT! I’m so great.  Voilà.  Think you’ve had enough?  Oh I’m far from finished, even if you said yes.  So hold on to all your plaids and steal the checkered tablecloth from your favorite Italian restaurant to make yourself a scarf.  Are you a true recessionista or what?  And even if you don’t believe-in-Gloria, she knows what she is talking about, that you can, you MUST put checkers and stripes together.

Because the fact that three of my style stars wear them proudly, it’s more than just waiting in the trend line.  It’s more like a second wind, like when you’re jogging and you think you’re going to crack your wide open mouth onto the pavement when suddenly, here we go, you go back to running like a gazelle (okay, except for me when I go jogging and I think I’m about to crack I find myself at a table outside a café to talk about the utility of sports in an urban environment and whether or not it’s…. okay, that’s another subject.)(Okay, no.  I have decided to draw a line right here and now on the blog : nothing is off-subject.)


Ha!  Okay, I send my affections, and I promise, about the super mega fashion debate and the anti-trend of cracking your wide open mouth on the pavement, you’ll get it all tomorrow.  In the meantime?  Curtain.

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan