New York, I love you, but I gotta go.  And it breaks my heart because its always so good, because there’ll be plenty of things I’ll be missin’ when I get back to Paree, the little restaurants, coffees to go, taxis, the bookshops, the way of life, so different than our own.

And at the same time I am excited to return for one reason: I am terrible at packing.  I MUST get back to find all my stuff.  I forgot EVERYTHING.  I left Paris a little bit in a mega rush and it wasn’t until after I got here that I realized that I brought fourteen of the same pair of pants but not one skirt, ten pairs of heals but no flats and I spend all day everyday walking, and that I just simply forgot…  to pack underwear.  Oh, but wait, the socks thing, got that covered.  I brought about 45 pairs.  And 12 pairs of tights on top of that in case I get the urge to cut up my pants to make a skirt in a desperate closet-makeover flash of inspiration.  I mean, you never know.

I’m at the max of excess luggage… because of some socks.  Pffff.

And this brings me to the following question: how do others do it?  How does she do it, Mira, here above, (Yes, you recognized her), who plays with fashion like you play with a rag doll.

Do they make a list of outfits?  Do they check the weather?  Do they travel with four suitcases to have a choice?  Do they do all their shopping after they arrive?

Me, on the other hand, I’ve never been able to find a response to the delicate question of the suitcase.  And that’s why I never know what to say when I get emails asking me how to travel light, travel cool, travel chic.  I don’t know!  You already know I don’t have access to the special VIP lounge.

I’m just saying, there has to have been something that my mom never taught me, something about how to fold everything, how to figure out how many tops to bring, how many pairs of pants, cocktail dresses, casual dresses, all that.  There just has to be, no?

It’s that yes, I return today to Paris, but then I leave again Sunday for London and then off to Milan.  And I’m tired of always looking like I came out of the back pocket of a pile of luggage in the middle of all of these fellow travelers who seem to have it all figured out.  And so, s’il vous plait…. Help meeeeee!

Other than that, I’ll have everything by Marc by Marc, and I’ll have everything by Proenza.  Who cares about baggage limits!  I’ve got every right… right?

And thanks for all yours comments, and big hugs to all, and à très très très vite!

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan