Ah, This’ll teach me. I talked about the sun too much. Which of course meant that yesterday was a beautiful downpour of a day in true Parisian style. Though here, when you are in the middle of a skirt-alert in an oncoming gust of wind, when your camera is enjoying its little scuba trip, and when your umbrella is… umm… Oh merde where is it? Here, you can jump in a taxi and watch the lights of the city go by through fogged up windows.

And you’re lost in the beauty of it all, scarfing down a pack of peanut butter M&Ms. Where you are headed bears no importance. Oh wait, yes it does, you’re on your way from Micheal Kors to Oscar de la Renta.  Oscar de la Renta, one of the only shows that took place in an old church, very chic, and on the very chic Upper East Side.

Shame it never rains on the show, otherwise I could’ve believed I was on Gossip Girl.

Yesterday then, a rainy day but a chic day. A day when after some trash shows of avant-garde, of 80’s, 90’s revivals, you get yourself to Oscar de la Renta and everything is put back into perspective. It was my first Oscar de la Renta show and I was totally into it. Even if it wasn’t his best, no worries. I let myself be completely charmed by his femme élégante, timeless, and duly gloved and synched.

And here’s what brings me to my sssssssssubject du jour, accessories. Listen up ladies, if there is still time, dart over to the last markdowns of the season and get yourself some gloves, headscarves and belts. If they are shiny and golden, if they are bright and colory, even better. I get the feeling that it’s going to be the must have next winter.

That, and fur… and big jewelry.

Gotta be bourgeois chic. But here’s the question, and it’s for one Giovanna, who can where all that and still be cooler than cool, how do you do it without finding yourself disguised as Saint Bernadette?

The solution? All-out color. Okay, more on that later, you in?


Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan