It is always surprising for me, the Parisian that I am, to see just how perfectly New Yorkers are masters of the class of casual wear.  Over here, it’s an art.

For starters, I gotta say it’s because in New York, it’s freezing.  Don’t let this lighting fool you.  The cold just bites.  How to fight it : layer.  It’s a little like the national sport here.  Leather jacket over a parka, oversized sweater under a raincoat, or even a parka under some fur, a brilliant idea that i wasn’t able to get a photo of because i was too busy chasing after a taxi without losing all credibility.  A difficult task.

And what else?… the runway shows?  Okay, yeah…  For the moment, I’ve been bad about seeing some of the newcomers, and on top of that, I’ve noticed myself only picking out the details that I want to see.  Hmmm.  So with no objectivity, some fur and color over at Thakoon and Matthew Williamson, and even more fur and color, all incredible stuff, was shown at Preen the day before yesterday.  Some black?  Some neutral colors?  Don’t give a shit.  I don’t want to see ’em.

Coming back to our casual wear.  What gets me though, is that this year, even the fashion scene has casualized itself.  Even the most extreme of fashionistas show up in flats.  Or in heels, but even then, really super à la cool.

Outside of that, met Kanye West yesterday.  (Wait, you missed it?  It was in the news !  See what I’m saying about the overabundance of info to look out for?!)  He showed up in a pair of jeans and told us he was in the middle of reducing his wardrobe by 25%, concentrating on only the essentials.  We also talked about Kate Lanphear wearing the same pair of shoes three times in a row, Taylor Tomasi wearing a pair of derbies and Carine Roitfeld… I mean… wait…  wearing Carine Roitfeld… Phew, saved.

Masha, up above, says screw the financial crisis and is thinking about getting a bigger apartment with an extra bedroom just to store all her finds, and I’m telling you, it’s the thing to do…  You’ll see.

Personally, I could opt for a bigger apartment too, yeah.  Then I’d say to Kanye that he’s gotta come help me sort through my closet!  What do ya think? 

Bonne journée !

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan