A friend and I were saying last year that the first sign of spring isn’t the sprouting foliage. Nuh-uh. You see it first in shop windows displaying colors and light outfits that distill in our spirits the idea that yes, one day, spring will come. One day.

I know, I’m totally weather-obsessed right now, but can you blame me? I’ve exhausted my all-terrain wardrobe resources… waterproof shoes… snow-proof coats. My scarves no longer will have anything to do with me, my umbrella gives me the brush-off, and even my gloves hide at the bottom of my purse so I can’t find them—they sure are having a good laugh.

I only crave one thing and that is to drink lemonade in my mom’s garden in Corsica, beneath the shade of a fig tree, while caressing my sweet old dog, Monoï. Although I’m sure he doesn’t quite  smell of plumeria… Bon. Okay, I better skip the pet caressing. And instead indulge in a glass of white wine. Euuuh. Okay, almost done.

So, no streetstyle today. Down with reality!

Here are a few photos I took some time ago of ma petite chérie Margaux.

Back to your regularly scheduled program tomorrow. Winter, snowstorms and of course, it goes without saying, hot cocoa. Bonne journée!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez & Tim Padraic Sullivan.