I don’t know if it’s that I never got over her troubled adolescent roles, perhaps it’s her anti show-off streak or her singular beauty, but I’ve always adored LeeLee Sobieski. So when I saw her on the street not too long ago, I immediately recognized her from behind.

She caught me by surprise when she turned around. I imagined her to be so frail, when in fact, LeeLee is quite the statuesque figure. …With incredible allure.  …With an irresistible smile.

And I literally fell in love with her ensemble. I swooned over her robe-like coat (borrowed from her boyfriend), and have been looking for one similar ever since.  I did manage to find one. At Max Mara, in Rome. Made of alpaca. On sale for 1000€. Okay. Good, yeah… Keep walkin’.

I also thought of buying me some python skin cowboy boots. And go blonde. Then call myself GaGa. Aha.

Ouais, just like in junior high when I wanted to trade places with my best friend. This girl just emits a quiet cool that it rubbed off on me… for like… two seconds.

It felt good.  It felt fresh. I loved it. Bisou!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez & Tim Padraic Sullivan.