I’m just gonna say right away, whoever came up with the idea of early morning flights, it would be in their best interest to not cross paths with me today.  What am I supposed to do? Wake up at 2 am? Go zombie? Or just catch my zzzs at the airport? Bon, ça va. Je sais. It’s none of your business.

So, today…I mean, this morning… Okay, tonight… let’s cut to the chase.

Look at these photos and tell me. Who do you think these two baby rock stars look like? I couldn’t believe it! What a spitting image of… Guess who?

I’m sure you’ll see it in a flash, especially when you see the young dude at the bottom. Ouais. Piece of cake.

And where am I off to in a few hours at five in the effing morning?

To where all roads lead… to Rome! I mentioned this to you a few days back, I’m giving a conference with Scott, the Sartorialist, for the Haute Couture week there. It’s on Sunday at 7 pm, in Alta Roma’s venue, at the Tempio di Adriano.

I can’t wait to be there and discover this mythical land where…um— I don’t know… Shame on me!  umm… where I can pit Sweden and Italy against each other, then ride off on a Vespa?

That is to say, when I arrive in Italy, I’ll be on my Vespa pronto, poise be damned! On with the cliché! Avanti! Ciao! Gelato! Ragazzo! Oui, bon. Pardon. Italy just happens to be one of my favorite countries and so I get a little goofy.

Voilà! If you’re in Rome, come say ‘Ciao bella!’ And if you know any cool spots to visit, I’d be delighted to be thrilled to be ecstatic to know about them too.

I won’t keep you any longer, it’s time for me to go not sleep so I won’t miss my 5am flight. I’m a shivering-quivering mess. In the meantime, don’t pretend like you forgot… Alors, what about these look-alikes?

Bisous mes chéris!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez & Tim Padraic Sullivan.