Ta daaaaaa! Stockholm is fresh. Fresh as a granite-chilled drink brimming with creativity, enthusiasm and a youthful vibe.  There must be something in the Swedish waters…  That being said, where are the grown-ups? Everywhere I go, I find myself amidst a throng of young people, each one as inventive and curious as the other. I love it.

Fashion as well, is young in Stockholm.  I already had a soft spot for Acne, whose edgy and wearable style every girl in this city is crazy about, more here than anywhere else. And yesterday, I was smitten with Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, a small clothing line that’s chic, cool and full of promise. I liked it so much that when I went to congratulate the designer, we got to talking about the her vision – bursts of colors, energy and joy bubbling up against a somber backdrop.

Which is good because, well, fashion among the Swedes is definitely wearable, yet there are times it is slightly repetitive. Shades of black, white, gray and a strikingly offbeat brand of sensuality which can sometimes be hard to pin down. Is it because the girls are so beautiful that they prefer to cover up in clothes that are a little too… bizarre? With shoes that almost look orthopedic? Although I can’t quite figure it out, it interests me quite a bit.
New ways to evoke sensuality, now that’s something that interests me quite a bit.

I came to Stockholm because I knew something was stirring here that the fashion world was bound to take note of . It’s very young, it’s on the rise. It’s light years away from Paris, Milan and New York. And that’s exactly what I like about it—open up an unknown universe, discover little by little, a new world of fashion that is Scandinavia.

…enjoy cold stone cocktail with kids who teach me a whole lot of things, stumble on ice because we daringly trot around in heels, dream at new student work, stare wide-eyed at a big runway show, eat frozen desserts while trying to create a new magazine, feel calm, alive and inspired.

Ah, I can’t wait to for it to be tomorrow already. Bisou!


P.S. I borrowed today’s title from the Kid of Tomorrow modelling agency. All the young-er guys and girls I met on the street were part of it, like Agnes and Clara. But I think everyone here must be a model or something. Ah ouais.  But listen, in the end, it doesn’t surprise me.

P.P.S. Yesterday, I got a few comments about some grammar mistakes. I know errors come up every now and then. I write quickly and conjugating isn’t really my strong suit (that and not much else), bah voilà, it happens. Feel free to call me out on my bloopers (gently now). I’d be happy to make the corrections.  Really though.  Tak !

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez & Tim Padraic Sullivan.