Not only is this cape jacket beautiful, but the idea of wearing two jackets, one on top of the other, it’s just genius, especially with these colors.

Other than that… I am in Stockholm.  It’s snowing!  It’s dark all day long!  But no worries, it’s actually quite nice. I saw my first runway shows today, the ambiance makes you think a little of Hyères, It’s relaxing… And everyone knows everyone, which, at the end of a packed day, makes for a nice restaurant in the center of Stockholm full of people talking about the future of fashion.

And with that, I crawl into bed in my hotel room.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the view, the history that surrounds me, and then you’ll want to crawl into bed too haha… Okay, perhaps not.  But it’s really quite splendid this city, its boats, its far off bridges disappearing into the night, its billboards with stuff written on them that I can’t understand… Et voilà.  I told you about the view.  Oh dear… I just couldn’t help myself.


Tomorrow, I’ll try to come back with some photos, fresh ones, still wet with snowflakes.  But for now, I leave you with Nathalie and her beautiful combination of coats.  Will that tide you over?

Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan.