Okayyyy.  That’s it?  Last week is officially over?  Awesome.  Finally.  Sorry for my extended absence.

How are you all?  Here in Paris, men’s fashion week just finished.  It took place in the wind-swept rain and left my head spinning in the applause for Lanvin.  It’s pretty cool to have a brand that can rouse such a high amount of enthusiasm.  It makes my fashion-self rather emotional.

My fashion-self had another emotional moment when I came across the marvelous Maria Cristina in her Ralph Lauren wool coat.  I adored it on the runway, but this was before it got nuked in the microwave of fast-fashion and just became a mound of whatever.  (My god.  Where did that come from?  Oh yes, the week is off to a good start, I can feel it.)  So we needed Maria Cristina to rekindle the flame I had for this clearly sublime woolen.

On top of that, this isn’t the only patterned wool (C’mon, there has to be a better name for it.  For the past hour I’ve been trying to find a better word over here at garancedore incorporated and it is nowhere to be found.  Arg!  Okay.  So maybe I’m here all alone now and maybe, just maybe there was a little champagne involved earlier tonight… But please, help!) (end of interlude) that I’ve come across.

Okay, if not, I’ll leave it as is and we’ll talk seriously for a second.  I went straight-up kooky for Eugene here below, (you gotta say it eeyou-geene please)  who was sick enough last week to the point of needing to be quarantined, just like me, and to have now, such an impeccably cool style, just like me, and to be so completely irresistibly adorable, just like me, and in particular, so modest.

Just like… yeah okay.

I swear on Saint Karl that I would photograph Eugene every day of fashion week except for the days he is quarantined because let’s not kid around here, I’m not jumping into the lions den, from here on out and for hundreds of years to come and then some.

So there it is.  When you finally get to read this post, I’ll probably be on a plane headed to Stockholm.  I’m liking the idea of a plane right now, all with the magazines, you know, suspended time, calories that don’t count, all that.  If I had already packed my bags, that would have been better, considering its 13:45 in the morning and I have to get up in four hours.  Ahh who cares?  I’m too excited!  I’m heading out.  And even GG will be there!

You coming?  That would be too cool!  Literally, cool.  Pack your scarves and mittens.  We’re talking cold here.  But just remember : what’s cooler than being cool?  ICE COLD!


Translation : Tim Padraic Sullivan.