Jacket, Dries Van Noten

I remember September in New York. It was fashion week and sashaying before me were all nude shades, cream colors, warm whites…

It was ho-hum boring. I wanted color!

This weekend, I had the same initial reaction at Département Féminin. And though I was shopping for colored shirts, gold shoes, greens, blues…

Dress, Balenciaga

… Everything that made me fall for Carole’s superb selection of clothes revolved around white. So impressive it was that I let myself get caught up in the soothing sensuality of its colors…and wanted nothing else to photograph.

Dress Acne, beaded chain Marie Seguy

My last two days were anything but what you see in the last photo. I was confined to my bed with I don’t even know how much of a fever, calling my mom, my man, my dad, my man, my super, anyone and everyone. Not for a second was I as glamourous as Chloé.

Kisses to you all. I’m quite happy to be back on my feet again.  Nothing like a good ol’ feverous delirium to remind you how good it is to feel alive again.

And to my lovely comforter, I thank you for your time, but i must now attend to the outside world.  Bonne journée!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez & Tim Padraic Sullivan.