The train took me to beautiful, grey-skied Toulouse where, i must tell you, I was swathed in luxurious silk. I was visiting my friend Carole who owns a dangerously tempting store where she sells clothes that are even more troubling. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a tour of the backroom, the best place to see, touch and even try on brand-new arrivals.

It’s so important to see the clothes up close and personal. Even if sometimes it can prove difficult to step inside certain doors (I don’t know with you, but at first, I freaked out at the idea of showing up on the doorstep of a Chanel store. I imagined that Karl would be there, cracking his half-gloved knuckles, brrr…Stupid me.  Fact is, I’d really love to meet him!)

I believe you can only love a designer once you know what’s it like to touch and feel, to truly sense the artistic creation and fine craftsmanship of his clothes, like this steel-grey silk number from Lanvin in the first picture.

I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the racks of clothes in the stockroom nor could I resist clicking away with my camera. Here’s the adorable Chloé dressed in Balmain, an utterly simple top… with the exception of the summer signature über-sharp shoulders.

Top, Balmain; pants, Lanvin; sandals, Balenciaga.

Alors, what’s your take on shoulder pads? Ready for their comeback? Love ’em or hate ’em?

More photos coming up tomorrow. Ouais, just to bring in a little taste of summer in January, pretty please!!!

Bonne journée!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez & Tim Padraic Sullivan.