Around the time I was into playing GI Joe, she was already trying on our mom’s heels.

My sister and I have always been different from each other. I feel like I’m just starting to find my own style while she already knew what she wanted ever since she was twelve—beautiful things, sky-high heels, precious jewels…. She never balked at paying for her whims and working hard to get them. Even at a very young age.

Imagine how much that annoyed the rebellious me, in my baggy jeans and beat-up Converse shoes. I was still a bungling, gawky, adolescent while she already was a perfume-wearing young lady smelling of Shiseido’s ‘Feminité du Bois’.

Much as Laetitia, despite her 5 ft. 9 in. frame… Happens to be my little sis.

Like most sisters, we’ve had our fair share of ugly fights and explosive arguments around the house that everybody in the family remembers quite well. It hasn’t always been perfect between us. Yet, we had a lot of fun in each other’s company.
Yes, it would be easy to imagine otherwise since she’s a sophisticated lot…
But she’s by far, the funniest girl I know.

That how it is with sisters. We might as well be as different as night and day, yet we speak the same language. We completely understand each other. And over time, as we have mellowed, as I discovered my feminine side and as our separate lives have taken shape, we’ve become each other’s best friend..

But I’m always the same girl. When she told she’d spend the weekend in Paris, I jumped for joy. I tidied up my place so she wouldn’t turn and walk away (if she saw that my shoes for the season weren’t arranged by heel height and color) and eagerly awaited her arrival at the airport.

Then I devoted the entire weekend smothering and telling her how much I love her, telling how her beautiful, amazing, funny and smart she is. We headed for the store sales. She got herself some Tod’s, and I bought shoes at Margiela. She wanted to have lunch at the Lutetia and I told her that the Sauvignon on the opposite side would do as superbly. I wanted to go home by métro and she shoved me inside a cab.

I sat there and for a good few minutes, looked at this gorgeous face that I love and admire so much.

And I know that she loves and admires me just as much… My mom told me so.
Merci, maman.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.