I love the concept of abstract inspiration that The Sartorialist often talks about. A fashion photo, whether it comes from a magazine or the streets, is most likely an idea, an emotion rather than a catalogue of things to buy.

Stop. Sometimes too, a photo’s just something that gives you the urge to blow off your credit card in a shopping spree.

Whoa, what happened to me wasn’t the slightest abstract experience at all. This fur hat and most especially, the boots below, are those things that I really wanted to grab and go running away from their wearers. And put them on together, which doesn’t quite pass as a good idea.

Enough with the romantic, sappy notions, okay? Sometimes, you just have to take action.

It’s exactly what I just did. I…um…

I actually took the pleasure of politely asking where those gorgeous flat fur boots came from, as the lovely pair was meant to be a refuge of comfort and warmth in the heart of winter, a cross between my grandma’s furry Moon Boots at Val d’Isère in 76 and… Non, I can’t bear to say its name, too horrible… The words just won’t come out of my mouth….er, um, ooh, ah, uuuuuuugg. Pfiou, that was hard. Okay, Uggs, for lack of a better comparison.

I asked and heard it well and good. Well, I only got what I deserved: an answer.

Jimmy Choo, winter 07.

Well, they’re impossible to find. For once I had my eye on a comfortable pair of shoes and look where it took me, my children. I’m back to the abstract inspiration route. Go figure what comes out next from inside my magic hat.

Okay, I see you with your jumbo clogs.

Ah, ça non.

Ugh. No Uggs, please.

Nuh-uh, not me. To each his own mauvais goût ;-)


Before I get my coffee, take note of these three things.

#1 – I had already taken a photo of Ellen (see first photo) in Hyères, but I bumped into her a few days ago in Paris, a perfect time to have a little chat with her and finally learn about her amazing job. She’s a stylist and you can check her work here.

#2 – Everything seems to point out that big jewelry is back. Géraldine talked about it, Acne will soon come out with an all-new collection and Ellen’s sporting this trend. So, let’s put that in mind.

#3 – If it isn’t too much and given that today isn’t about abstract inspiration at all, the cape in the second photo is from Paul & Joe. I know because I saw it on Anne-So!

Bonne journée!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.