Drawing inspiration from a Barbour jacket.

Remember that time when I had brought up the idea of summer dressing in the winter? Hmm. Well, you probably know that I am my own favorite guinea pig. I love to experiment and apply the magic formulas to myself. If one day I end up turning into Mr. Hyde, I’m certainly asking for it.

So there I was taking big strides down the icy streets of Paris, feeling warm in my lightweight outfit (wool tights, wool turtleneck shirt, short summer dress and a jacket) and smiling at passers-by.

I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back for my ensemble and the warm welcome it received from the general public. The women gave me knowing glances while the men, seduced by my looks, stared at me long and hard, their heads practically doing a full rotation as I walked past. Wow, life’s a breeze. Note to self: must always make an effort to dress up in the morning.

Ecstatic, excited, completely enamoured with myself, I checked my reflection in a glass window and gave a big wink. Ah, how alluring, how fresh my face, how glorious my hair. Ah, how stylish, how…WHAT THE HECK…how…? Ouh, merde.

My dress. My dress. My dress is gone.

I was exposed on the street in just my tights.

There was an intense moment of solitude. My life was flashing before me. My mouth was wide open, incapable of speech. I began analyzing those seconds that unfolded and came crashing to the ground.

Yes, ladies. This is my true-to-life story. I’ve already heard of embarrassing scenarios like the skirt getting stuck in one’s panties, or white undergarments flashing through a black dress. In fact, same goes for the case of a dress so flimsy you don’t ever notice it getting caught in your jacket and riding up, up until it’s out of sight…

Wardrobe malfunctions happen but never ever to me. Or so I believed.

OUAIS, BON. ÇA VA. I know. I’ve lived to tell my street-style tale. So much for giving foolish advice and thinking I was the fairest of them all out there.

Whatever. Anyway, thick tights are a bit like leggings, don’t you think?




The girl in leggings staring at the glass window was lookin’ good all right. Sexy! Fine, I gave myself a quick fix and I was good to go…

And get a change of clothes..

Tout de suite.


Today’s title courtesy of this lovely site.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.