Et voilà. The same thing aaaaaaaalways happens. Never fails.

We travel light and end up with excess baggage.
We eat light and then, discover the original source of banana-pecan cake..
We bring along our laptops only to forget them, including our running shoes. There, there.

We come home smiling and rested, with shiny and seemingly coiffed hair. We feel good. Never mind if the heavy consumption of banana-pecan shows up in our figures. We even learn a new expression to describe the effect of continously packing on those extra pounds.

The muffin-top —happens when we put on our jeans and flab spills around the waistband. Lesson of the day actually makes us smarter. Yummy ;-)

We decide to start the year right. New year, clean slate. What an opportune time to begin anew: have an active and healthy lifestyle, put everything in order and aspire for perfection each day. To the point that we begin to talk like Carla Bruni. We buy the same Moleskine journal, (yet again, though the wider kind), writing as neatly as we can and holding our breath the whole time…

Day 2 comes, everything’s back to how it was before:

Hellish frenzy, never enough time and…oh, merde! My nail polish sticks to my magazine once again.

Like before, just like before…At the end of the day, it’s rather amusing. So I wish you all a super-amazing new year full of half-baked resolutions, unsuccessful diets, fashion faux-pas and unrealistic plans.

Well, what? Two days ago, I was in a tee, watching the snow fall in the desert on a sunny day, without a slice of banana-pecan in my hand. No piece of cake, I tell you. But there’s your proof that everything’s possible.

In any case, I missed you, my dears! Gros bisou, a demain!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.