Yesterday, there was something I forgot to tell you.

It’s who I love most in cardigans—the men. Uh-huh, uh-huh.;-)

Thicker, bigger, double-breasted cardigans on men…If by chance there’s one with a shawl collar, you bet I’ll stage an attack and if it’s my guy who’s wearing it (he understands this stuff and it so happens he owns one and then some, the bastard), I’ll be plotting on kidnapping him. So I can steal this piece, sure as hell, I will. Oh, la la. What is wrong with you, guys? What’s up with these wicked thoughts? Are the holidays bugging you?

Okay, I saw one at Isabel Marant Étoile. It was red, soft and with black buttons… Aaaah… Tough luck, there was nothing in the store that was large enough. The biggest that I found looked like a kid’s size clothing on Pamela Anderson (Okay, what?!  Hello, you were not in the changing room. It’s my word against yours!) while I wanted an honest-to-goodness grandpa cardigan to cinch with a belt and wear as a dress. Yes, that’s what we call a rock-solid idea, voilà.

Fine, I’m talking on nonsense. The sssssssssssssssubject of the day (right, Fonelle?) has nothing to do whatsoever with Pamela, but obviously, you’ll have already guessed by now. But of course, take a good look at the photos and guess…

What else but winter-raincoats-on-brown-haired-guys-wearing-baggy-black-trousers? Oh yes, indeed!

And… Voilà, apart from the fact that I find them rather cute and and I truly love these two uniquely rad looks, I have nothing more to say.

A raincoat’s cool.

Ooh la la, it’s time to get myself a cardigan… Bonne journée !

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.