Belt inspired by a Louis Vuitton

Some outfits are really uninteresting they don’t even merit being talked about. Take the cardigan, for instance. How do I talk about something that I deem the most discreet, intimate, black/grey/blue, boring, boring and boring piece ever.

But still, I go ahead and talk about it, whatever the consequences.

Because at the onset of chilly weather, I put on  the first cardigan I choose and from then on, keep wearing it. A cardigan is something that allows me to wear my summer tees, my mid-season shirts and tops that I love regardless of the season. I slip it over a dress, layer it over another (gray on black or vice versa) or belt it around the waist. I subject the cardigan to the worst possible dress-up situations without ever thinking nor talking about it—poor, little, faithful companion…

So, it’s decidedly a versatile staple in a girl’s winter wardrobe.

It has the décolleté of a V-neck sweater, though more dangerously low. It has the simple, universal yet fetching style of a white tee. And has the classic-chic goodness of a lovely pair of ballet flats.

It has the oomph of  a dress. When a cardigan transforms into one.

Ouais, I’m a little cuckoo in the head. Just like Angelina Jolie. Nothing, nothing fazes me. Life isn’t worth living if we don’t take risks. I decided that I love the cardigan so much so that I want to give it a solo standing ovation. Just me and my cardi and a belt to cinch it with.

For me, that’s sure to drive away those boredom blues—far, far away.

Now, ain’t that a super-neat trick?!


* It’s you I like

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.