There are times when I realize that, other than the fact that I reveal a good part of my life on this blog, I also get to show you a living diary of the friends I make. As for Celestine, I had run into her during the fashion weeks. Her looks are incredible, sexy, punchy, refined and fun.

I bumped into her again in London and we exchanged a few pleasantries. She made me laugh with her Irish accent and her electrifying energy enough to cause the Tube’s system to break down.

I suggested to take her pictures for She agreed with a resounding YES and later, I found myself at her place. Of course, the train was out of order so I arrived late by taxi. We had to do the shoot at full speed which proved to be in sync with Celestine’s rhythm.

We even took time to have a little breakfast and go for a smoke. She burst into laughter because she admitted to smoking only during FWs. [One day, I must make a list of the things that people do only during these events; that would be funny]. Since I was pressed for time and this girl was such an angel, she drove me back to town in her mini race car. Yup. Speed-dating style.

When we saw each other again in Paris, we finally could have coffee for real. We had just come from the Stella McCartney show (see player on the right for an excerpt of the music).

We were delighted, seated under the sun and puffing away the self-imposed “fashion week cigarettes.” We were truly happy.

Incidentally, she brought her portfolio with her. At last, I was able to take a look at all the fashion spreads she had styled. At that moment, I realized there was nothing to be surprised about. When you like somebody’s style, you’re bound to appreciate that person’s work as well. No wonder I loved Celestine’s!

Truth be told, I’ve only recently been taking notice of the stylist responsible for a certain fashion spread. And yet, God knows to what extent a beautiful spread can make me go raving about it like crazy. The same way a movie, a book or a beautiful song does it for me.

I love fashion spreads that are full of ideas, that adapt, or mix personal and designer creations with vintage ones… Even if they’re the kind of stuff that I don’t readily find in stores which is perfectly a-okay, by the way.. I couldn’t care less about ridiculously expensive things. For me, creativity is what counts most.

And in this field, you can’t get enough of Celestine. And not only during fashion weeks. ;-)

See what I mean and check her out here on’s Une Fille, Un Style.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.