It’s amusing to see a girl trying to find a treasure. I met Nathalie while she was on a hunt for a killer belt at Fripes Star in the Marais. She was bent low, in deep concentration. Later, she told me that whenever she finds herself inside a thrift shop, that’s what always happens to her.

That was how she found her electric blue coat, very Dynasty-ish and at the same time, totally punk with tights ripped on purpose and worn-out Converse hi-tops.

Immediately, I remembered this photo I had taken early fall in London. It’s a bit like some kind of cardigan, with traces of electric blue, except that it had gone through a design mixer of sorts.

There are times when i’m not a pro at all. In this case, I’ve completely forgotten the brand, but I adore making comparisons between those found in the thrift shops and those in retail stores. Most often, my source of inspiration can be farfetched, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who can spot similarities between these two pieces.

Sometimes, it can be very obvious, and one of these days, I’d like to do a post on a thrift find and a re-created version of the the same piece.

The way fashion can unabashedly draw inspiration from the past doesn’t bother me one bit; I find that the more we advance, the more we free ourselves from fads. And the more it becomes that way, the easier it will be to have fun with fashion, find one’s style and pull from whichever wardrobe to whip up something of your own.

For me, it’s also one of the reasons why we take more interest in styling, in the way today’s clothes are conceived and put together. We’re drawn to stylists who fascinate us.

And yet, all of us do some styling, each time we open our own closets. We are our own artistic directors. Clothes are usually the most accesible way to express ourselves…

Oh, look. This counts for one more.

One more reason why I loooooove fashion. Bonne journée!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.