The idea is to cover up with tights, a coat, a scarf and all those things that keep you warm, then slip on a dress and forget that it’s almost winter and it’s now snowing in Paris.

Mais non! I’m not totally crazy ! I do this very often during this time. I start the day with gray as my color base (because gray happens to be my fav…okay, you got that), tights, turtleneck shirt, gloves, thick socks and all that.

They’re good enough for going out since I’m appropriately dressed to brave the biting cold.

But to appease the fashion gods up above (Of course, they’re watching me. And I bet they are watching you, too!), I put on a colored dress. Or a skirt. From winter, summer, spring…. Anyway, what does it matter if I’m already warm and cozy? Chick yellow, meadow green, apricot orange…

Oh, what fun it is to just to say all those shades..

For my outerwear, I put on my Gap puff-jacket. Yes, the same color as Taylor T’s. I’m crazy about it; love it so much that I have the feeling I’m giving you a super-cool piece of advice. Hip-hip-hooray for my big heart !

Soon after, I make my way out the door and walk on the streets, happy and gay as a coco sorbet (?) in springtime, strutting like the super-amazing Giovanna c’mon, let’s not talk about her shoes—Battaglia. Yeah right, Gio. I’m pretty sure the gods are looking in her favor. Don’t you agree?

Bonne journée!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.