It used to amuse me when I saw it from afar and on other people I didn’t know personally and only saw in pictures. Aesthetic medicine, that is. Now it scares me.

I’m not against it. I’m against the fact of being against it. I’ve always thought that there’s nothing wrong with a little procedure to make you look better, why not?

The problem begins when it becomes the false solution to a false problem.

In my circle, the women who resort to these measures are always those that I find the most beautiful. Ah, there’s the rub. Beauty is such a gift that we don’t know how to be grateful for it. We especially don’t want to give it up.

We do our best to preserve our youth and control beauty. Yet, it’s the best way to lose it.

What do I notice most of the time? Hyaluronic acid fillers on the lips. Very often, a disaster.

Oh, not the first time. The first time is just a subtle change; nobody can tell, not even I, who possess and extremely keen eye over this kind of transformation. It must even be frustrating when it’s done so light it goes undetected. So they confide to a friend, who responds with a smile…

They admire a nicely-done “job” and come back for more. Just one more procedure, followed by another, then another and so on…

This is where they begin to lose touch with reality and then, learn to keep a secret.

Once, I tried to have a serious talk with a friend whose lips appeared unnaturally swollen. Believe me, she’s got all the goods—she’s beautiful, intelligent, happy, accomplished and remarkably young.

She hit me back with a scathing remark as painful as a scalpel cutting through my skin. Soon enough, the conversation turned sour and she just faced her own arguments. She said, “Why can’t everyone mind their own business? I do whatever I want to do!”. From then on, she didnt call me for a long time.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t know how to approach this subject anymore. Nowadays, whenever I see a friend who’s had work done on her, I keep my mouth shut. Words don’t come easy.

I still find it hard to understand what my friends go through when they lose control and can’t stop. I find it hard to understand that they believe beauty lies in a having a set of pouty lips. They simply have forgotten  that they already are beautiful in their own right. It’s hard to understand how that thing can ruin and bring down the best of friendships to a disturbing silence.

And yet, I’m not here to judge. Preaching does little for me. Besides, I hardly imagine myself  to be stronger or better off than any of my friends in this situation.

But like I said, there’s nothing wrong with a little medical intervention to improve your looks. Although if it were me, I’d think twice.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.